Ingestre Park Golf Club

The NEW Course

In 2013, it was announced that the proposed path of the new high speed train was to go through Ingestre Park Golf Club. Fast forward 8 years and we are now in a position to reconfigure the course to allow Ingestre Park GC to survive and thrive with 13 new holes and the upgrading of 5 existing holes. Course architects (International Design Group) and course construction contractors (MJ Abbott Ltd) are creating what will be a truly special golf course. 

Here is the map of the reconfigued course and a few highlights from the design to whet your appetite!

Hole 1

A tempting short par4 which is riddled with danger as the fairway swoops around a lake to the green. A perfect opening hole!


Hole 18

Whilst we are sad to be losing one of the most iconic 18th holes in the Midlands, we are going to replace it with one which we think is even better!  The downhill par 5 is being replaced with a delightful par 3, over a lake and in front of the Club House. No pressure!

Hole 2

A stunning par 3 with the teeing ground surounded by new lake to a green which is well guarded by bunkers.


Hole 5

It's decision time. Play safe down the right side or risk the shortcut up the left for the easier approach to the green. Either way, it's a treat of a hole.


Course Build - Updates

March 2024

Following what can only be described as biblical amount of rain over the winter, the new course has held up exceptionally well. The 11 new holes, which are in play, have kept the course opened during the wettest periods with minimal course closures.

Excitement is building as we plan for the launch of the new course on Saturday 4th May, with a number of club competitions and events planned for the opening weekend.

Course growin continues, the team are working extremely hard under challenging weather conditions and are doing a fantastic job preparing the course for the opening. We look forward to some spring time warmth to kick start the growth.

July 2023

It has been a few months since our last up date (we have been too busy playing some of the new holes!). New 1st, 9th and 18th holes have now been in play since early April and we have had some amazing feedback. Members and visitor have enjoyed the new challenges of lakes and contouring greens. We hope to be playing more of the new holes in the next few weeks ... watch this space!

Also, since our last update, we have nearly completed the 11 hole continuous buggy track. This, along with the extensive drainage system will keep the course playable for all, through out the wetter winter months.

February 2023

Not much growing weather yet but it certainly has been tree planting weather with over 18,000 trees going in! This really has helped to define the holes.

All tee blocks have been marked out and the course has been officially measured with the new teeing area on the 12th the be added. This will allow us to start planning signage and course furniture for the new course.

Here is a video from the start of February giving a good look at the new 11th, 12th and 13th as well and an overview of the new course.

December 2022

Apart from the new 12th tee, we are in full grow in phase, although the cold winter is slowing the process. We managed to get a few mild weeks after seeding for the grass to show itself which really helps to see the standard of course we will soon enjoy. Temperature have plumeted for the beginning of Decembers leaving the course covered with a hard frost. Although not ideal grow in weather, it offered some great view for the drone.

We are now looking forward to new holes starting to come into play from April. These will be brought into play in phases as they are ready with the whole course set to be playable mid 2024.

September 2022

Been a while since our last update  but as work has progressed at such a rate any update would soon be out of date.

So as we come to the end of September, construction of the new course is almost complete. A vast majority of the 10 new holes over the road have been seeded and the last few unseeded areas are nearing completition. It is amazing to see it all going green and looking like a golf course.

Work on the retained holes has been completed with old 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 9th (new 10th, 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th) all having new tees, greens, bunkers, irrigation and extensive drainage. These are now growing in an look fantastic!

The new 1st, 9th and 18th are well on their way and will come into play in the spring with new holes following as they are ready throughout the year.

Members and visitors were given a taste of the new 18th as it was opened for 1 week. The excitement and challenge of the hole was clear to see with great feedback. Really exciting times for next year as the new course starts to come in to play.


June 2022

It's hard to keep track of progress as MJ Abbott are flying! 

All the new holes across the road are shaped with the 11th, 12th & 13th nearing completion. Now we can see a lot of the shaping of these holes, we are blown away by the designs! VERY excited!

The new 1st, 9th & 18th are growing in nicely. Fairways have been mapped out and we are starting to see how these holes will be presented for play.

New 17th (old 9th) & 16th (old 8th) greens and surrounds are all complete, seeded and growing in.

New 15th (old 3rd) is now complete with new tee, green, bunkers, irrigation and drainage. Seeing how much drainage has gone into these holes will no doubt improve playability throughout the wetter months.

Work has just started on the new 14th (old 2nd). MJ Abbott wasted no time in cracking on with this. 

Very exciting times at the Club and its amazing to see the speed and professionalism of the contractors bringing this project to life.

May 2022

The weather continues to be on our side with conditions warming up and the odd spot of rain helping the grow in. The final finish is going down on the buggy paths with the selected colour giving a real modern look.

The new 17th green is complete already! All seeded ready to hand over to our grow in team. 

Work has now started on the new 16th green (previous 8th) and new 15th tee (previous 3rd) with shaping of the green already completed.

The 3rd and final (... and biggest) lake is being lined with the tees for the new 2nd hole nestled in to the side of it. New 11th, 12th and 13th holes are really coming on. With the use of the drone we are getting some great visuals to get us excited.

New 18th hole New 16th green New 15th tee New 15th tee New 17th green New lake

April 2022

We have had some generally generous weather over the past few weeks which has allowed MJ Abbott to make excellent progress. Shaping of ditches and tees are well under way on new holes 11, 12 and 13. 

Work has also begun on the new 17th green (existing 9th) and new 10th tee.  Shaping is nearing completion as we get an insight to how the new green will look. 

A number of open ditches have also been dug out on our existing holes. The upcoming network of drains will feed into these ditches, taking water off the course.

March 2022

Excitement is building once again as MJ Abbott's team are starting to arrive back on site. A lot has happened since our last update.

  • Trees have been planted on the new 18th hole along with aquatic planing around the lake.
  • A pathway has been created between the existing 2nd tee (soon to become new 14th) and the new 11th hole. This will enable us to have 2 loops of 9 holes starting and finishing next to the Clubhouse.
  • Work has begun landscaping the area at the back of the Clubhouse to widen the pathway and link up the new 9th and existing 1st hole (soon to be new 10th).
  • Trees have been felled and preparations have been made for shaping on the 8th hole (new 16th) to creat a slight dogleg from the 4th hole area.

There will be a alot of work happening this year in a many different areas so we will do our best to keep you up to date. The next phase in the schedule is to create the new 11th, 12th & 13th holes along with the reconstruction of the 9th green (new 17th) and 1st tee (new 10th). Watch this space!

January 2022

It has been an exceptionally wet and mild winter so far with New Year's Day temperature reaching 16.3 degrees. This has allowed the grass to continue to grow at a time it wouldn't normally and has also meant an increased risk of disease on the greens. The greenkeepers have done a great job looking after the grow in process and all is going well. Tees and greens are still having regular cuts and the new 1st and 9th holes are greening up.

October 2021

As October draws to a close, it is time to say goodbye to the majority of MJ Abbott's workforce for the winter as  ground conditions become too soft for the heavy machinery. October was a particulary wet month which made progress difficult however preparation work was carried out so when they return in the spring it will be "full steam ahead". 

The grow in process on the 18th, 1st and 9th is going well and it really is exciting seeing the holes covered in grass.

September 2021

The 18th hole 'grow in' is going really well with grass getting plenty of attention with fertilizers, fungicides and plenty of cuts.  It really does look stunning!

The 1st & 9th tees, 1st & 9th greens and practice putting green have been seeded and handed over to us for the grow in process. The fairways/rough are being spray seeded and the 2 holes will soon be covered in lush grass. We will keep you updated with pictures on our social media.

On 1st September we finally got access to the land across the road and work has begun on the 10 new holes to be built over there. The shape of the lake (2nd/8th holes) has started to be dug out. This will be the largest of the 3 lakes. Exciting times ahead!

August 2021

Construction of the new 18th hole is now complete and seeded and the grow in process is underway.  With the warm weather and the sprinkler system running like clockwork, the grass has soon started to grow.

The lake between the 1st and 9th has been lined and the 1st green constructed. Top soil has been applied to both holes and it is truly incredible to see what was once a flat field shaped with impressive undulations. 

July 2021

The new holes are really taking shape with the final top soil being meticulously applied giving great detail of how the hole will finally look. The 1st tee levels have been created with top soil surrounds going on. The practice putting green is now ready and it's huge! Excitement is building for the 18th lake as the liner is going in. There has been alot of intricate work going on on the 18th to manage where the water goes, especially from an underground river. 

18th tee 18th lake 18th lake 18th lake 18th lake 1st tee

June 2021

New 18th and 9th greens are nearing completion with drainage and irrigation installed and the complex layers which make up USGA spec greens are in place. You can really see the detail of contours within the greens. 

The lake between the new 1st green and 9th tee is quite literally taking shape and it's BIG! It will be a great feature to the opening hole.

May 2021

Work is well underway constructing the new hole1, hole 9 and the redesigned 18th hole. The 18th levels are taking shape with the elevated tee area, large lake dug and new green shape pegged out. Things are really starting to take shape and the excitement within the membership is very notable.

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