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Home Course

Ingestre Park Golf Club is set in the grounds of Ingestre Hall in the heart of the country side. The only noises you may hear are the birds singing and maybe the odd shout of “FORE”. The course offers an enjoyable and testing game of golf to players of all abilities.  The stunning array of trees sets each hole as a beautiful picture. The 18th hole is the signature hole which you can sit on the balcony after your game and watch other golfers complete their round.

Home Course – Hole 1 – Par 4

It is 235 yards to the water ditch from the white tee. A strategic lay up is required to offer you a good yardage for your approach. The green is surrounded by grass banks and 2 large bunkers protecting it at the front. An extra club is advisable to avoid the hazards when hitting into the green.

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Home Course – Hole 2 – Par 4

A dog-leg to the right where a solid drive to the elbow sets you to for a straight shot to the green. For the longer hitters, taking the fairway bunker on is necessary to find the fairway and leave a shorter approach. Similar to the 1st green, the green at the 2nd is surrounded by grass banks and a large bunker protecting the front. The green slopes from back to front, so getting your yardage right is crucial to leave yourself an uphill putt.

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Home Course – Hole 3 – Par 4

A tough dog leg right where a good drive to the elbow still leaves a lengthy approach. A par is a good score. A new fairway bunker has been added on the left handside of the elbow. This presents a decision to be made for the longer hitters. Lay up or take on the aggressive line. The approach is uphill and to a 2 tier green making club selection tricky.

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Home Course – Hole 4 – Par 3

A good par 3 with a tricky green. A good miss is to the right of the green where the wind usually comes from the right and the bounce is usually kind. But becareful, the out of bounds is also there.

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Home Course – Hole 5 – Par 4

A straight par 4 with out of bounds on the right. The fairway slopes severely from right to left so to find the middle requires a drive to the right side of the fairway. This the n leaves a routine approach. Missing the green right is a good miss with the bounce usually feeding the ball towards the green. A miss to the left leaves a very tricky shot.

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Home Course – Hole 6 – Par 3

A long par-3 with a deceiving tee shot to the green below. If the green is missed then it leaves a tough chip to get close to the pin. The green slope from back to front, so leaving the ball short of the flag will leave you with the easiest putt.

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Home Course – Hole 7 – Par 4

A true stroke index 1! A good tee shot leaves a lengthy blind approach shot. Favour the right side of the fairway for the best line to the green. The marker post at the top of the hill in the fairway provides a good line for a layup. There is also a marker behind the green to indicate where the green is. A par is a very good score. 

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Home Course – Hole 8 – Par 4

A short par 4 but a very tight tee shot. A new bunker has been added to the left hand side of the fairway. This makes club selection from the tee tricky. Its worth checking where the flag is on the green to decide which side of the fairway to aim for to leave you a good line in.

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Home Course – Hole 9 – Par 5

This straight par 5 is made tougher with the recently introduced fairway bunkers. Any lay up shot must be long enough to carry the ditch which runs across the fairway.

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Home Course – Hole 10 – Par 4

Dog leg right to left with a large tree on the left of the elbow to negotiate. The longer hitters can take the tree and the corner out of play but is very much a risk/reward tee shot. Even a good drive can leave a long approach. A par is a good score here

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Home Course – Hole 11 – Par 4

Another dog leg left to right but is much shorter. A lay up to the elbow or a drive over the corner both leave a short approach to a green which slopes severely from back to front. Leaving the ball short of the flag will leave you the easiest of tricky putts.

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Home Course – Hole 12 – Par 4

The tee shot on the 12th shows you the left side of the fairway which is the best side to be on as this takes the greenside bunkers out of play. The green is quite long so check what colour the flag is to help with club selection. Favouring the left side of the green is the safer shot.

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Home Course – Hole 13 – Par 3

A deceiving par 3 where club selection is vital to find the correct tier of the green. Usually playing into wind and uphill, therefore and extra club is wise.

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Home Course – Hole 14 – Par 4

A long par 4 with a slight dog-leg to the right. A drive to the left side is the safe option but slightly longer. The long approach shot is made tougher by the elevated green. half a club short is better than half a club big. Tricky green to hit. A par is a good score.

Home Course – Hole 15 – Par 3

This long par 3 requires a good tee shot to find the green – once found a tricky putt shot is almost guaranteed! A miss to the right of the green is a safe miss and will leave you an easier chip.

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Home Course – Hole 16 – Par 4

The last 3 holes present a good chance to close out a good score but all have their dangers. The 16th is dog left right to left par 4, where the fairway slopes from left to right, leading your ball towards the new bunker and trees. An accurate tee shot leaves a routine approach but a tricky green to read then awaits you.

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Home Course – Hole 17 – Par 4

A good looking par 4 with a sloping fairway requires an accurate drive up the right to find the middle of the fairway. Out of bounds on the right makes this tee shot even harder. Finding the fairway gives you a good chance ans this can leave a short but trick approach shot. Club selection is then crucial to find the right part of the green.

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Home Course – Hole 18 – Par 5

Ingestre Park’s signature hole. A par 5, downhill straight to the 19th hole! The green can be reached with two big hits, otherwise a strategic lay up is required to miss the Captain’s Bunker, then a good approach to find the correct tier of the green. A great looking hole!

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