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Juniors Competitions and News

JuniorsThe Committee hopes that Junior members will enjoy their golf and become an integral and responsible part of the Club. We look to you for the future development of the Club. The facilities are there for your benefit, not only coaching and the opportunity to improve your golfing ability, but also to learn the rules and etiquette of the game as well as a sound competitive attitude to your play.

Sharon & Jeff Metcalfe

Junior Chairman(s)
January 2019



Honorary Membership

We wish to encourage any young person to play golf and in particular encourage those who have an obvious talent for the game.

However, we have to take into account factors such as age (below the normal entry of 10 years old), current height, and responsibility for their safety on and off the course.

Taking these factors into account the Committee therefore propose the following:

Honorary Juniors are allowed to play golf during school holidays.

They are allowed to play 25 games per year, Monday to Friday, and have use of the Practice Area at weekends. They may play after 4.00 pm provided they are accompanied by an adult.

There may be opportunities for them to play on the occasional Saturday afternoon with a member. Please arrange with the Pro’s Shop prior to going out to play.

All games and practice sessions must be supervised by a person over the age of 18 at all times.

At the age of 10, Honorary Junior Members will be considered for Junior Membership if they wish.

It is our opinion that this will give young people the opportunity to play golf, improve their game and at the same time provide some comfort to the Club that their well-being and safety are taken into account.

Junior Rules

Junior Rules updated Jan 2019

If you require any further information please contact Sarah in the Office on 01889 270845 in the first instance.

Junior Rules

Junior Golfers Welfare Policy

Dear Parent,
The Management Committee of the Club, through the Junior Committee, wish to inform you that the Club operates a Child Welfare Policy.
This Policy has been developed in order to reflect current concerns regarding the safety of young people and relates to activities at the Club and at other events organised by the Club. It is also the Club’s intention that young golfers will experience only the highest personal standards from adults with whom they come into contact.

Any concerns regarding the personal safety of young golfers should in the first instance, be brought to the attention of the Golf Welfare Officer, who will clarify the details of the complaint and determine further action.

Parents or guardians should not attempt to investigate matters of concern themselves or take independent action.

Please be aware that the Policy has been developed in order to respond to concerns regarding safety and that incidents which may be of a disciplinary nature should be referred to the Junior Committee. If in doubt, the Golf Welfare Officer will advise.

A copy of the “Golf Club Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy” is shown here and a copy will be given to each Junior Member.

The name of the Golf Welfare Officer can be found on the Junior notice board in the Foyer.

The Junior Committee

January 2019




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