Ingestre Park Golf Club

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Juniors Section


Ingestre Juniors

We welcome younger people to become Junior members (upto 18 years of age) and hope they enjoy their golf and become an integral and responsible part of Ingestre Park Golf Club. You are the Club’s future!

We have a good spread of ages, from 6 to 18, and abilities, from beginners to nearly scratch, in the junior section so you are always bound to find a playing/practicing partner to suit you.  The club is very welcoming to Juniors and are always open to new ideas to make the section even more vibrant and exciting


Ben – the Assistant Professional

Ben is a great advocate of Junior golf at Ingestre, from Spring onwards he runs series of lessons.  They take place over 6 weeks and focus on all aspects of the game.  He has groups of aged 6 to 9 and 10 to 13.  Individual coaching sessions are included in your fee giving you the opportunity to improve your golfing ability and also to learn the rules and etiquette of the game as well as a sound competitive attitude to your play.


There are 18 hole competitions most Fridays of the school holidays, from Easter onwards, teeing off at 10.30.  The prizes are awarded at the Junior presentation afternoon which takes place during the February half term holidays.  Also, on most Saturday’s there are 9-hole ‘fun’ competitions at 3pm.  All the 18-hole competitions count for handicap and some of the 9-hole competitions are also qualifying comps.  If you do not have a handicap, all juniors can still join in and have a card marked which can contribute towards gaining a handicap.


Every Encouragement is given to our Juniors and as soon as they obtain a CONGU handicap, they are encouraged to enter ladies competitions.


How to gain a handicap

When you are course ready (Ben will let you know when you are) you need to put in cards of 54 holes.  These can be in any combination, for example 3 -18 holes, 6 -9 holes or even. 1-18 hole and 4 -9 holes.   When you have completed them pass the cards to either Jeff or Sharon and we will organise your handicap, be it a club or CONGU depending upon your starting point.  Your cards will need to be signed by another member, adult or another junior who already has a handicap.



Junior team

We are part of the North Staffs junior league which means there are 6 matches over the year, 3 at home and 3 away.   Which provides you with the opportunity to play at different courses throughout the year.



This is available to any person below the normal entry of 10 years old who wish to learn the game and in particular encourage those who have an obvious talent. We take into account factors such as age (below the normal entry of 10 years old), current height, and responsibility for their safety on and off the course.


We look forward to meeting you

Sharon and Jeff Metcalfe

Junior Chairs