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Forum 10th March 2020

104 members attended the Forum. Mel Jones, Hs2 Chair, introduced Bob and Jon Hunt from International Design Group who have been working tirelessly for the Club, alongside the Hs2 Committee and Board of Directors, to reach our current position which we are excited to share with you. A summary of the Q&A from the Forum will be published shortly. Please click here to see a copy of the Presentation.   A video showing the new holes is also available please click here.


Member’s Forum Tuesday 10th March at 7pm in the Clubhouse

Following the Government’s decision to grant the go-ahead for HS2, we have been trying to meet HS2 to gain assurances about the Club’s future including the continuity of an 18-hole golf course. Additionally, we have been seeking to meet our new MP Theodora Clarke.

We consider this an opportune time to update Members  on the current situation and in this respect we propose to hold a further Forum. The evening will include a presentation from our professional advisors, International Design Group, to give you as much information as possible and answer as many questions as we are able.

Please make every effort to attend.

Update 24 January 2020

A number of members have recently enquired about the Club’s position with regards to HS2.
Since our last update there has been no change in our position. The Government was suspended approximately one month prior to the General Election and since then HS2 has gone into hibernation.
We believe they are awaiting the publication of the independent review into the HS2 programme led by Douglas Oakervee. This report was due to be published in November and is expected to be released within the next ‘few weeks.’  That said press speculation suggests that amendments to the scheme could be made or that the report may be delayed further.
We will update you further as and when we are able.

HS2 UPDATE 15 November 2019

The rumours about cancellation, postponement and amendment continue.  However, to date no changes have been announced and therefore we have continued to engage with HS2 and seek to secure a sustainable future for our Club.

In our last Update we explained our intention to “continue the fight” by lodging a Petition for consideration by the House of Lords Select Committee (SC).  A Petition was lodged and the SC was due to be heard on Thursday 7th November.  The General Election announcement has now put this stage of the process on hold until the new Government decides whether or not to proceed with the Bill. This means that any Lords SC will be unlikely to convene before the New Year.


Further to our Hearing before the Select Committee on the 8th May, they have now issued their Report.

We are very disappointed with their conclusions which support HS2’s proposal in the Additional Provision 2 (AP2) to include land around the Club to reconfigure the course at Ingestre.

We remain convinced that the total relocation of our golf club would be the most financially viable option for the tax payer and one which would secure both the jobs of our staff and create a new course with a long term future however we will explore HS2’s proposal to ascertain its viability and suitability, though we still believe that they have grossly underestimated the costs.

Please be assured that we will continue to strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our great Club and, as always, your support is greatly appreciated.

However, it must be noted that doubts over the future of HS2 continue as reported in the press. A statement from the Club has been requested by the Mail on Sunday as they are doing an article on the effect of HS2 on golf clubs across the country. This is expected to be in tomorrow’s paper and is in line with this statement.



Mel Jones (Hs2 Committee Chair), Geoff Matthews (Hon Secretary), Tim Furnell (Hs2 Committee) and Sarah Sharp (Club Manager) went to the Select Committee Hearing to discuss our petition against the Additional Provision in the High Speed  Bill which includes land around the Club to reconfigure the course at Ingestre and our  preferred option of relocation.

The Select Committee will now deliberate in private after which they will make an announcement.  




26th February 2019 7pm
73 members

Hon Secretary Geoff Matthews opened the meeting by welcoming Members and thanking them for

Mel Jones HS2 Committee Chairman & Club Director introduced the top table: Directors Neil Blackford,
Andrew Brown and Keith Jones, Manager Sarah Sharp and HS2 Committee member Tim Furnell.
Tim presented to the Forum an update on where the Club is with HS2 and the Board’s strategy. He also noted
the Club’s grateful thanks to Bob Hunt from International Design Group and Gareth Morgan (Advisor) who
have provided us with their expertise free of charge.

A copy of the slides used in the Presentation is attached.

Mel explained how difficult it has been to meet with HS2 and we have to continually chase them for
agreement on issues. The Committee has received some criticism that there has been a lack of
communication, however Mel explained we have been mindful to keep members updated only when we can
present factual information and not promises made by HS2.
Hon Secretary informed Members of pending ground investigations work by Balfour Beatty by way of four
boreholes and two trial pits. This work is planned during March and there will be 18 holes in play albeit some
holes may be shortened.

Floor was opened for questions
Clarification was sought on the phase for Royal Assent expected end of 2019
This is for Phase 2a (West Midlands to Crewe) – our phase.
On 23 February 2017 Royal Assent was granted for Phase One of HS2 (London to West Midlands) –
Whittington Heath Golf Club’s phase.

What can Members do to support our Petition against AP2?
Geoff and Tim met last week with James Cantrill, Chief of Staff to Jeremy Lefroy MP, who advised we send
letters to the Prime Minister and other prominent MP’s connected to HS2. Rather than Members send
individual letters, it will be more effective if they come from the Club on behalf of the Members and Geoff
asked those present for their support on this initiative. This was agreed.
M Jones also added that James has advised we do not antagonise HS2 – we need to reach a favourable

Have we sought support from golfing bodies?
SUGC have written a letter of support however the R&A felt unable to assist.

Have we received any information from Whittington Heath Golf Club that might be of help?
We have had meetings with their Hs2 committee and they have been most obliging however they are bound
by a confidentiality agreement which prohibits them being able to share certain information.

Do we know the costs involved at Whittington Heath Golf Club?
No. At our appearance in front of the Select Committee in July, this information was requested by them.
HS2 have responded, however in the published document all figures are redacted. The Select Committee will
know and we believe this is helpful to our case as the work taking place at Whittington Heath is significant. In
their response, HS2 mention other golf clubs affected by Hs2, but other than Whittington Heath they are not
comparable as they’re not private members clubs.

The ‘sideways’ move proposed by HS2 is not viable and closure has been mooted as an option.
What does this mean?
HS2 believe the appropriate basis of compensation to the Club is for the value of the land acquired, injurious
affection/severance, disturbance, loss payments and fees in line with Rule 2 and 6 of the Compensation Code.
HS2 would prefer for us to close.

Does the AP2 mean HS2 can take our land?
Yes, if it is accepted. When they receive Royal Assent the Bill becomes an Act and they can compulsorily
purchase our land.

Should we take legal advice?
We have sought legal advice as and when necessary ie when we petitioned last year, however costs are
beyond our resources. Geoff appealed to any member within the Club who may have any relevant expertise
to get in touch.

Have we considered asking members to cover the difference in costs between the ‘sideways’ move and
complete relocation?
No as we are talking millions of pounds!

How long will it take us to purchase our preferred land after Royal Assent?
We have a provisional agreement in place with landowners.

If time drags on with Hs2, might the landowners sell their land to someone else for development?
Tim (ex-chief planning officer for 30 years) firmly believes they would not receive permission to develop on
this land.
We have also been in dialogue with the Council and they support our plans for the new site.

There were no further questions

Hon Secretary asked those present to show their support for the Hs2 Committee and the Board of Directors
on the following:
Derek Keatley proposed that Member’s support this strategy and a vote was taken. Following a show of
hands, with one abstention (member is related to landowners involved on both sites) the vote was carried.
Hon Secretary asked Members with any questions/comments to approach members of the Hs2 Committee
only and not members of staff. He also made a plea to Members for their continued support particularly
during these challenging times.
Mr Captain thanked the Committee for holding the Forum and for their passion and enthusiasm.
Meeting closed at 8.45 pm

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