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Covid 19 – Coronovirus


Before Play

To access the course and the Clubhouse, you must not be showing Covid-19 symptoms

or been advised to shield by the NHS or your GP.

It is compulsory that you have pre-booked a tee time in order to play.

Arrival and Waiting to Play

Please do not arrive at the Club more than 20 minutes before your allocated tee time unless you wish to use the Clubhouse Bar. This is to alleviate any gatherings.  Bar opening times are 11am – 5pm. The coffee machine is available.  Food and hot drinks are available from the Halfway House located on the course from 10am – 4pm. You may take food purchased from the Halfway House into the Clubhouse.

Please arrive wear golfing attire. The changing of shoes in the car park is permitted.

The Clubhouse will be open until 5pm. Please enter the Clubhouse via the Locker Rooms at the rear of the Clubhouse by following the path to the right of the Clubhouse (the doors are propped open to avoid unnecessary contact).

If you wish to use the Locker Room only, please exit through the front door.  Please observe social distancing. Showers are out of use.  

Please make your way to the first tee along the path at the back of the Clubhouse (not by the Pro Shop/buggy area). If you are playing in an Open event there will be a desk situated by the path to register your arrival.

Please be ready 5 minutes before your designated tee time. The Starter will call you.

Clubhouse Bar

If you wish to use the Clubhouse Bar, please enter the Clubhouse via the Locker Rooms as above and make your way up the stairs in the Foyer and follow the sign to enter the Lounge. Please use sanitiser before entering which is located in both locker rooms and by the door into the Lounge.  Upon entering, only one person to visit the Bar at the Order Point to order and pay by card. Other members of the group to find a table. Please do not sit at a table if it is not clear of glasses etc as it will be need to be sanitised. Names and contact numbers of users will be required to comply with the Track and Trace policy and will be kept for 21 days.

Markers are in place to enable social distancing and signage to indicate the route to and from the balcony. 


Your drinks will be prepared and available to collect from the Collection Point at the Bar. To re-order, again only one person to visit the Bar and to observe the markings to approach the Bar as above.   After use please leave your glasses etc as these will be collected by a member of staff.  If you wish to take your drink outside on the area by the Halfway House please let the staff know so your drink can be dispensed into a plastic cup.


Toilets upstairs now operate a one in and one out system. Toilets to be accessed via the Stud Bar by using the door at the end of the Lounge onto the balcony.  When using the facility please slide the vacant/occupied sign to display as appropriate.  If you think the toilet is unoccupied but the sign says otherwise, please alert a member of staff and we will check for you.


Please exit the Clubhouse down the stairs off the balcony by the Stud Bar.

Practice Areas

The practice nets will be available for use. To use the Driving Bays (only two of the bays will be available) and Practice Area, booking must be done via the Pro Shop. Staff will collect the golf balls. The Putting Green is open – maximum two users at any time.

Buggy Use

Trolleys and buggies will be available for hire as safe sanitising practices will be in place. Please note only one person per buggy at any time unless from the same household.

If you wish to hire a buggy please contact the Pro Shop on 01889 270304.

Whilst Playing

  • Please ensure you always keep at least 2 metres apart when tee shots are being played, when walking to the ball, searching for a ball, playing shots and on the putting greens.
  • Do not touch stray balls.
  • With no rakes allowed on the course, please do your best to smooth the sand using your club and/or feet.
  • Do not touch the flagstick. The hole cups are lifted.
  • The course toilets are out of use.


Rules of Golf Related Matters

Until further notice, the following provisions are in place on a temporary basis:


Golfers take due care when smoothing bunkers. With no rakes in the bunkers, you may place the ball within one club length (no nearer the hole).


Golfers are required to leave the flagstick in the hole at all times and not to touch it.

Hole and Holed

The hole liner (sometimes referred to as the hole ‘cup’) is set in a way that means that all of the ball cannot be below the surface of the putting green, so the ball is considered holed if any part of it is below the surface of the putting green.

After the Round

Social distancing is as important after a round as it is during, so when the round is over please leave the course immediately.

If you need to use the Locker Room, please continue social distancing and remove clothing and equipment as this will impact on the ability to properly clean the area.


These rules are to keep everyone safe. 

If a golfer shows any post-round Covid-19 symptoms, please contact your playing partner/s and the Golf Club. You will be required to undertake testing and seek medical clearance before being permitted back to the Club.














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